Current administration of CALGARY NET 134

Net Coordinator (NC)
Kevin Klement

Net Echo Coordinator (NEC)
Kevin Klement

Current mail distribution HUBS for CALGARY NET 134

(Int'l FidoEcho Feeds) 1:134/11
** Note: Contact Michael Grant at 1:134/11 for more information **

Anyone interested in joining FidoNet and CALGARY NET 134 can always obtain a copy of the current nodelist from the following Bulletin Board Systems (note: there are many others who will likely have one available, the ones shown here are guaranteed to have one for you to download)

Node# 1:134/77, 403-242-3221

Mike's Madhouse
Node# 1:134/11, 403-288-8208

Anyone wishing to join FidoNet and CALGARY NET 134 must submit their application directly to the NC at 1:134/0 via netmail (see Policy 4 for details).

01/12/2001 4:01PM
Updated by K. Klement 1:134/0